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Hmm. . Starting late when Microsoft has already come up with most of the latest versions on their own Cloud that is Windows Azure.
Today I got time to go through some of the videos available in MSDN and came to know how cloud works in Windows Azure providing extensions to all available application templates which are heavily used like ASP.NET, Windows Forms, MVC, WCF, SQL. Watching videos gives feeling that Cloud or Windows Azure is simple and I can straight away go ahead create my application in Azure but I am beginner in this so hurdles are sure in starting.

So what I have faced and How I Solved
Problem: I could not get Windows Azure SDK installed on VS 2010 ultimate version.
Reason: Error specified that I had nugets of MVC3 updates installed which are not compatible. It means still some more opportunities to Microsoft for giving fix or Patch.

It is true that I installed MVC4 not MVC3 but it had latest updates which I installed from Nugets option available in VSTF Extension Manager under tools. Why this issue? I am not sure.

I would like to share what I learnt in Videos

Setup environment for Windows Azure by installing Windows Azure SDK latest version 1.8
Create new application under Cloud same way you create without using cloud.
Publish it using options available in properties.
Host it in Windows Azure using your lab account if you do not have it create Trial one.
Deploy it on Windows Azure region.
Execute or Browse it.

If I am not wrong Cloud concept is available from the time Domain has come into picture. Some one is providing domain as well as host server environment and user is just publishing deploying the package.
But Cloud is more advanced gives you more features which are important for Development team like Building, Configuration, Different Data Source management, Versioning many more.

Now above all steps are possible if you are already familiar with .NET.

Lets go back to the problem I had and solution
So here is the solution I followed.
I read FAQ and googled it but could not get the working solution where I can keep MVC4 and then Install Windows Azure. If anyone reading this article and found right solution please do comment.

Solution: I uninstalled MVC4 not from nugets but from Control Panel and then Installed Windows Azure SDK. It worked.

Happy Troubleshooting..

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