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Parse error: wp-content/themes/grid_focus/functions.php on line 6

Parse error: wp-content/themes/grid_focus/functions.php on line 6:

Wooo , this error I got, when i tried to add play with functions.php file,
I am using gridfocus-wordpress template,
Reason Why I was playing with this function is, I did not see any adds when the visitor comes on the pages with under pages TAGS
Eg, when visitor comes on this page,

from on “Posts tagged “tancet2010-rank-list” – Mahol Dot Org

I am unable to show the Adds, but it is not problem with visitor comes from on “ | Pune Board | MKCL Results Pune

I could not able to locate the place, so thought of playing with functions.php file
I have just added the new line in this function and boom..
Parse error: wp-content/themes/grid_focus/functions.php on line 6
Nothing is coming up, unable to save the templates as well..
Login to FTP, download the grid focus template. , and upload the file functions.php in /wp-content/themes/grid_focus.

This saved me, since I did not have taken backup of my blog and just doing changes.

Thanks god I am back. Enjoy

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tsunami in samoa 2009 tsunami tsunami warning ca

A tsunami warning for the South Pacific was called off hours after a magnitude 8.0 earthquake was recorded near American Samoa, An 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck off American Samoa Tuesday triggering a three-metre tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii confirmed,

The quake was not expected to generate a tsunami along the west coast of the United States or Canada, according to the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, though a tsunami advisory was put in place.

The quake was recorded at about 6:48 a.m. (1:28 p.m. ET) at a depth of about 7.4 miles (11.9 km), the USGS reported. Early reports had the magnitude at 7.9, but the USGS upgraded that to 8.0 about two hours after the initial report.

The Japan Meteorological Agency activated a tsunami advisory along its eastern coast.

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updates on tsunami, tsunami warning, tsunami in california 2009, tsunami in california, tsunami warning san diego at

Location: 110 miles/177 Km SW of Bakersfield, California West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center 910 S. Felton St. Palmer, AK 99645 USA
Also refer to the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program web page at
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