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.Net Application With Windows Azure 1.8

Now I have Installed Windows SDK 1.8 kit and started developing application using video shown in MSDN. But the catch is it is old and the configuration or publishing site ways are improved.

To develop ASP.NET application on VS2010 follow steps as below
1) Open VS 2010 -> File Menu -> New -> Project
2) Under Project window you can see various language and options, I am selecting c# and then Cloud here you see at right Panel is Windows Azure Cloud Service

VS 2010- Project- Cloud

VS 2010- Project- Cloud

3) Give name and location of project to save.
4) Next step it will open window to select the project type

Select Cloud Project Type

Select Cloud Project Type

But why is project type with Role like Web, Worker and VM? In short they are nothing but your Web Configuration role. Like you want use IIS for application, you want to run it locally with worker process or using VM… you can find good explanation in msdn,
Have patience here it takes time to get your code files service files to be generated.
Project With all file
4) Now you can do implementation in your project which is of WebRole type.
5) Ones you are ready for hosting of course we will do it on windows azure, select WebRole Project Properties -> Publish to Windows Azure
6) Now here your Windows Azure journey starts , Create Login in if you have already use it. When you try for Trial you still need to provide your bank account details. When you come to Publish First windows will be asking Import credentials which you have, If you have not saved your Credentials from Windows azure login save it by choosing Sign in to download credentials.
Sign in Windows azure

Click Next.
7) Here you need to fill correct details. Read about Windows azure before you do settings in publish.
Options for Create Cloud Publish

As per above image you need to specify Cloud Service(Select Create New from drop-down and give name and location) Name which we give here will become your URL. Provide all other details as well.
8) Go to Advanced Setting Tab and create New Storage Account.
9)Click on Publish.. and Wait for Status in task bar of your project as completed.
This time here it will perform connection with Windows Azure and create your application.
10) Ones you have no failure and Status shows as Completed you can click the URL given in output results and browse.

few steps are different than the videos given by msdn.

Happy Programming..

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