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An Introduction To SOA Basics Service Oriented Architecture As Developers Persepstive

I was reading this article, An Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture from a Java Developer Perspective. To build service-oriented applications.

SOA Designed To change

For me difference between typical development and SOA based development is, Typical approach is designed to LAST, SOA based approach is designed to CHANGE. Meaning, once development is done, and as its working don’t touch it, in SOA approach, if one value needs to be changed its designed for that.

Evolve Around Business Object

Typical development is concentrated around CODE, SOA approach focuses for process and business object. If one business object is in use then how that business object will be re-usable, what are changes needed in that, eg. If Hiring management needs process as an business object to be applied in Sales management then what changes, what level of authentication and such changes are required. Such Approach in used while designing SOA based architectures.
Well there is always room for improvement.
And Good News is that, Successful SOA adoption is done incrementally.

What is SOA?

You well get many definitions and descriptions for SOA, I like this defination, SOA enables the development of applications that are built by combining loosely coupled and interoperable services.
In short for me SOA involves following things.

  1. Development,
  2. Integration,
  3. Infrastructure management.

SOA Standards?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) represents a collection of best practices principles and patterns related to service-aware, enterprise-level, distributed computing. SOA standardization efforts at OASIS focus on workflows, translation coordination, orchestration, collaboration, loose coupling, business process modeling, and other concepts that support agile computing. OASIS standard named Business Process Execution Language (BPEL); most platform vendors are adhering to this standard. BPEL is essentially a programming language but is represented in XML.

Few Reference SOA arcitectures.

SOA Reference Architecture from IBM

SOA Workrooms

SOA Work Group

Do share your experience about developing your first service-oriented applications.

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No Comments Perfect Example Of Personal Computing For Transforming Lives In Emerging Markets, an innovative solution by HP labs india,
Which provides a new way of information sharing. Five years before nobody thought of facebook, twitter and youtube, today they are everywhere on each website. This is perfect example of personal computing, narrates HP labs India director Dr. Prith Banerjee.
In 2008 HP Labs India started working on this project, and came up with technology called Siteonmobile. This is unique in nature because it captures not only internet users but also non internet users by using IVR system. User has to dial in to specific number of send ans SMS to specific number to get the information. The technology behind it uses is Tasklets, which interacts with cloud and provides the results to user, Hiding the complexity of the system.
This service is made available free by HP Labs India.
visit official blog for comments and recent updates.
Tasklets represents a sequence of interactions needed to perform a task on the web.
Youtube video on Tasklets for Simplifying Web (SWAN project) by HP Labs India

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