Steps To Install And Use RSYNC

These are some simple steps to install and use RSYNC client.

1) Download RSYNC and its dependencies from

2) Copy all binaries in /sbin folder

3) Copy all libraries in /lib folder

4) If some library is missing download it from debian,
or compile from source if available and copy in /lib folder.

5) create /root/.ssh directories

6) Now you need to create a key,type the following command:

ssh-keygen -t dsa

If it asks you for a passphrase, just hit , to avoid putting one in.

This will create three files


7) To run rsync client run

rsync -a [email protected]:/source/ /destination/


rsync -a [email protected]8.2.145:/client_pc/media /home/sami/

8) Enter the password.

In the above example,all the files in
will be copied in /home/sami/media/

Running RSYNC without prompting for password.
1) Copy the contents of created in step 6 above on the server pc in
file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

$ cat >>~/.ssh/authorized_keys
$ chmod 700 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

2) Run rsync from client and test.It will not ask for password.

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