Spotcloud Buy Or Sell Unused Cloud Space Best Price Service From IaaS Enomaly ECP Provider

This is one good example of cloud IaaS (infrastructure as service). SpotCloud is the first commercial cloud computing clearing house and spot market service. Spotcloud is cloud capacity clearing house, a secure central platform for buying or selling unused cloud capacity based on location cost and capacity.

Spot New Cloud Capacity Providers

For Buyers: The SpotCloud marketplace provides a singular point of access to discover an extensive global network of cloud infrastructure providers. This service is like pre-paid mobile phones service, ie pay first to use but good thing is no need to pay extra for bandwidth, storage, etc
You need to use a Google Account & Email address.
For now this service is offered without SLA, reason they quote is “to keep the costs as low as possible the service is offered without any SLA, direct support or guarantees.”
For Sellers: The SpotCloud Clearing House empowers service providers to sell unused cloud capacity enabling increased utilization and revenue.
What is the minimum requirements for Sellers to offer capacity?
Decent bandwidth / connectivity, a compatible IaaS platform and at least 80 cores, (5 – 10 servers).
Cloud Capacity ClearingHouse(A clearing-house is an intermediary service which facilitates and simplifies transactions among multiple parties for the purpose of selling excess or unused computing capacity. )

Other services include and, Google’s Adwords, Adsense and double-click exchange platform.

Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition is a complete “cloud in a box” solution, enabling telcos and hosting providers to deliver revenue-generating Infrastructure-on-demand (IaaS) cloud computing services.

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