Microsoft office 2007 OneNote How to use OneNote?

First Lets understand OneNote. What is OneNote? It is one of information capturing service or feature of Microsoft Office 2007. Capturing notes, saving notes, browsing your notes and also sharing notes is all possible with our regular paper notebook.. Here is the difference, Its all that what we have been doing for taking notes in office or any other place and writing information into our NoteBook and In one OneNote it is mobile, we can carry anywhere and share anywhere. What is special in OneNote, well you can carry your text capturing device anywhere so you have onenote that device whether its smartphone or digital notebook, windows phone , Second its office features, graphics and speed So you can carry it anywhere and share it. Unlike Paper you can copy info from other files, you can copy , create images and save it in page.

For onenote you can work offline or work online.

Onenote has text, Image, video , audio capturing features.
You can create your own template and customize it.
Can share notes with others.
You can use notebook multiple computers.

How to Use OneNote?
You need to install Office 2007 for better features.Latest you have Office 2013 Onenote.
Then you can start working with OneNote right away. Detail information can be found at office site of microsoft

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