ETA – Estimated Turn Around Time Planning Software Life Cycle

What is ETA?
ETA stands for Estimated Turn Around Time. ETA is generally used in any planning and managment life cycle. In industry when a product born from an idea and enters into planning phase with stake holders in a Conference room, they all decide what should be the product launch date in the market for public use. ETA is not verbally decided for any product but it is calculated term with respect to resources available, and time available in the competent market. PRoduct goes from lifecyle so it is devided into many stages like requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing and last is delivery. This lifecycle again can repeate after customers feedback showing bugs in product or any new enhancement or featurs releases. In this lifecycle product is devided into modules and each module and so each phase has its ETA.
Advantages of ETA.
Having ETA in planning or anything having planned with correct estimation gives direction and confidennce to the team towards the launch of product or to that precious idea which can make history or million dollars.
With ETA we decide cost of product in advance.
Having ETA product is driven with timelines.

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