Basics of tomcat Apache-Tomcat Tutorial Download and Run Tomcat

How To Install Apache-Tomcat  Web server

Apache-tomcat is a web  server which processes static requests and provides a number of services .The container in fact provides services for web applications.Here comes the distinction between web servers and the application servers where application servers are capable of processing dynamic requests.

Installing tomcat is a simple process.Please note the steps noted below :

Step -1

Install the latest stable version of java sdk.Installing java is simple.Just uncompress the java zip file

and set the environment variables PATH to fullyqualifiedpathofjavafoldername/bin and JAVA_HOME env to fullyqualifiedpathofjavafoldername.Tomcat server looksup for the java from the JAVA_HOME env.


Download Stable version of Apache-Tomcat version from the url : .Download tar.gz file and uncompress it in a proper directory.


Set the environment variable CATALINA_HOME to fullyqualifiedpathoftomcatserver.Append the PATH variable with fullyqualifiednameoftomcatserver/bin.


To run the tomcat server goto tomcatpath/bin and run the file/startup.bat file.If your tomcat has been installed properly following page will appear.

Here 8081 is the port number on which server is running.By default,the port number is 8080

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